Please Look Again

Did you know it takes only 10 minutes in the scorching Georgia summer sun for the temperature in a car to reach deadly levels?  Each summer we hear heartbreaking stories of busy, distracted parents who accidentally leave their sleeping children in their car seats only to find them dead of heatstroke hours later.  Just this week, we had a near miss in Atlanta with a toddler left sleeping in locked day care van for hours.

It is every parent’s nightmare, and we all need to be vigilant and get in the habit of looking into the backseat each time we get out of the car when we are transporting young children.  To remind parents and caregivers of the dangers of hot cars, the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) encourages you to Look Again.

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Water Safety is Making a SPLASH in Georgia

Georgia summers are HOT, and a trip to the lake or pool is a great way to keep cool this time of year.  Water safety is on all of our minds, especially as we play in the water with our little ones.  There were 129 child drowning deaths in Georgia between 2009 and 2012.  That’s an average of 32 deaths a year.  We want to make that number zero.

Please take a moment to review these safety precautions from the SPLASH campaign by the State of Georgia Children’s Cabinet, a part of the Governor’s Office for Children and Families.

You can find more information on staying safe in the water at





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